Sukmawati1, Rudy Hartono1, Manjilala1, Nur Fitriani AF2

1Jurusan Gizi, Politeknik Kesehatan Makassar

2Alumni Diploma III Gizi Jurusan Gizi, Politeknik Kesehatan Makassar



Background : Lawa fish is a traditional food with basic ingredients are prepared fresh anchovy without going through the cooking process but with the addition of lemon juice and toasted coconut. The processing and storage of fish cross beam is possible microbial contamination, keeping in mind the treatment process is not through cooking so that microorganisms can harm consumers.

Objective : This study aims to determine the total cross beam microbes on fresh fish.

Methods:Type of study is a research laboratory. The sample used in this study is the cross beam anchovies dungarees, total microbial seen in the cross beam storage of fish in a few hours, namely at 0 h, 3 h and 6 h after the treatment process. The data were analyzed descriptively.

 Result: The results showed that the total microbes in the samples with storage time 0 h after cross beam processing of fish which is 1.7 x 104 colonies / gram (good) and 3 hours after processing the fish cross beam of 2.1 x 104 colonies / gram (both) still in either category because it is still below the threshold limit microbial contamination of fishery products processing which is 5 x 105 colonies / gram. While the total number of microbes at 6 hours after treatment of fish cross beam of 1.5 x 106 colonies / g has been included in the category of less safe to eat because it already passed the threshold of microbial contamination.

Conclusion: it can be concluded that:  1. Total microbes on fresh anchovy lawa 0 hours after treatment was classified under ISO standards that are safe to eat.  2. Total microbes on fresh anchovy cross beam 3 hours after treatment was classified under ISO standards that are safe to eat. 3. The total number of microbes on fresh anchovy cross beam 6 hours after treatment has exceeded the threshold so that the ISO standard is not safe for consumption.

Keywords: Total Microbial, Lawa Fish

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