Nadimin1, Sukmawati1, Irmayani2

1Jurusan Gizi, Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes, Makassar

2Alumni, Jurusan Gizi, Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes, Makassar


Background : Dairy cow population has increased every year. Dangke are traditional food in Enrekang produced by using cow’s milk, buffalo, or goat, but the ingredients are still dominated by the source of protein and fat. The number of pumpkin production in Indonesia during the last 5 years has increased. Yellow pumpkin or quash (Cucurbita Moschata) included food commodity utilization which is still limited. Pumpkin pumpkin is a food rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals, carbohydrates and it’s flesh also contains antioxidants that are useful for anti-cancer. Cake is a popular food and generally liked by the public. The substitution of Dangke and yellow pumpkin are excellent for improving the nutritional value and utilize local food. 

Objectives : This study aims to determine the acceptability and nutrient of Cake, Substitution of Dangke and Yellow Pumpkin. This type of research is a quasi experimental. Primary data is nutrient content and acceptability. Data of acceptability are obtained by hedonic test; data nutritional values ​​are calculated using the application Nutrisurvei 2004. The acceptance test results were analyzed by SPSS through ANOVA test. 

Result     : The results of the research showed that the ratio of the best material preferred by the panelists is Cake formula 1 with the addition of 250 grams of pumpkin and 150 grams of Dangke. The acceptability from the aspect of flavor, texture and color of Cake with the most preferred is Cake Formula 1, Cake Formula 2 also liked, but the panelists preferred formula 1 then Cake Formula 3 is less preferred by the panelists. The nutrient content of Cake Formula 3 is a Cake with the highest nutritional content if compared with Cake Formula 1 and Formula 2, and Cake Formula 1 is a Cake with low nutrient of the three formulas. 

Conclusion : The product of Cake, substitution of Dangke and pumpkin can be used as PMT AS that serve as an alternative to improve nutrition for school children. We recommend using the formula 1 as flavor, color and texture of the most preferred by the panelists. For further research, should conduct laboratory testing to know more the nutrients contained in Cake substitution of Dangke and pumpkin.

Keywords : Acceptability, Nutritional Value, Cake, Dangke and Pumpkin

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