Lydia Fanny1, Sirajuddin1, Andi Eka Israyanti2

1Jurusan Gizi, Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes, Makassar

2Alumni Jurusan Gizi, Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes, Makasar 



Background : The quality of breastfeeding is strongly influented by good and right way of breasfeeding technique. Brestfeeding techniques that can be used are adjusting the position and Attachment the baby while it is on the mother’s brest. Wheather the technique of brestfeeding is a right way or not, it can affect the quality of ASI exclusively and it can be deen through the statust of tiutrition of the baby it self.

Objective : The purpose of this research is to describe the position and Attachment of the babies  as it being brestfeeded and provided ASI bay in Village of Sudiang Biringkanaya District of Makassar.

Method : This research use descriptive methode. Samples of this research are 96 babies for 0 to 2 monthes old that are determined bay purposive sampling. Data processing is know after the samples are baing observed by obtaining the observation form, then ASI providing is know from the result of interview ing the mothers by use questioners. The data is processed by using computer by adding score 1 for good result and 0 for poor result. The data presented by tables of frequency distribution and in narration form.

Result : The result of this reserch indicate that the position of babies while being breastfeeded is classified as poor (55,2%) and the Attachment of the babies as it being brestfeeded classified as poor (64.6%). The babies that are being prouided with ASI exclusively among 32,3%.

Suggestion : The writer suggests to nutritionists or midwifes for creating group discussion about breastfeeding problems that are found by mother’s such as breasfeeding in the good and right way and providing motivation to them to continue providing exclusive breastfeeding from the mothers to the baby until the age of 6 munths. In addition, the writer indicates for other researchers  to study and observe further more about the relationship of positioning and the Attachment of the babies as it being brestfeeded by providing ASI exclusively or study more about factors that is infivence breastfeeding process exclusively.

Keywords : position and the Attachment of the babies as it being brestfeeded, providing ASI exclusive

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