Sunarto1, Prof. Dr. A.A Subiyanto2, dr.MS, Dr. Nunuk Suryani, M.Pd2

1Jurusan Gizi, Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes, Makassar

2Kedokteran Keluarga Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta


Background: Card Towards Healthy (KMS) is a program posyandu used to observe weight gain or growth of children, the program’s success is dependent on the knowledge of nutrition cadres, when inimasih many common mistakes nutrition cadres in terms of data transfer from KMS keformulir and put the point coordinate-point weight and age of KMS. This is because less active cadres Posyandu and the level of community participation in the weighing of children under five. This study aimed to analyze the relationship of knowledge about nutrition cadres KMS with the achievement of the D / S and activeness of Posyandu cadre in the village Bulakrejo District of Sukoharjo.

Methods: This study used a survey method with cross sectional analytic. The population of as many as 70 cadres nutrition posyandu by random sampling technique, Number of respondents 47 nutrient cadres Posyandu. Data analysis using chi square test.

Results: Kader nutrition of KMS is well knowledgeable as many as 43 people or 91.5% and unfavorable as many as 4 people or 8.5%. Based on the results of the chi-square test of knowledge about nutrition cadres cadres KMS affect the activity of acquired X2 X2 21 314 greater than 3,841 tables. there is no relationship of knowledge about nutrition cadres KMS with the level of achievement of the D / S in the Village District of Sukoharjo shown Bulakrejo X2 1527 <X2 table 3,841.

Conclusion: Kader nutrition on Card Towards Healthy (KMS) good knowledge as much as 43 respondents, or 91.5%, There was a significant association between knowledge of nutrition cadres of the KMS against activeness Posyandu cadres, there is no meaningful relationship between knowledge of nutrition cadres of KMS on the level of achievement D/S.

Keywords: knowledge, liveliness, attainment of D / S, a cadre of nutrition, KMS.

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