Salmiah1, Suriani Rauf1, Rochmatul Umma2

1Jurusan Gizi, Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes, Makassar



Background: Ice cream is a frozen food type shape with a soft texture and has a high nutritional value and is a food that is favored by many segments of society. Ice cream is a semi-solid food made ​​from a mixture of milk, animal or vegetable fats, sugar and with or without other food ingredients. The nutritional value of ice cream is very dependent on the nutritional value of the raw material. Ubi Kelapa (Discorea alata) is derived and is widespread in tropical Asia and was first cultivated in Indonesia. Included in Bantaeng, South Sulawesi Province.

Objective:  To determine the effect of ubi kelapa on the acceptance of ice cream.

Methods: An experimental study with pre-post test design group with 25 panelist.

Results: In general, 82% of panelists really liked taste of ice cream with the addition of ubi kelapa 50 grams and 85% for color. For texture around 83% among 75grams and 87% for scent.

 Suggestion: It is recommended that further research analyzes the nutritional content of ubi kelapa ice cream using a laboratory test in order to provide a more accurate and recommended for making ice cream using coconut sweet addition of 75 grams due to the higher content of nutrients Phosphorus, Calcium, Vit B1, Vit C and fiber.

 Keywords: Ubi Kelapa, Acceptance, Ice Cream

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