Asmarudin Pakhri1, Lydia Fanny1

1Jurusan Gizi, Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes, Makassar


Background: School snacks is once health factors of school student that if not care can effect on the aim education. The fact is BPOM monitoring during 2011 seem around 35,5 % school snack not safe. Bad school snacks consumption related with his knowledge dan behavior. For improve knowledge and attitude school must activity snacks education. The education with participate action take effect well for school student.

Method: This study look nutrition simulation role in knowledge and attitude on snacks selection of primary school student. Study is experimental quash about nutrition simulation and control is discusion once week during one month. The population is all primay school student on SD Inpress Pajaiyang and samples is the fifth class that selection of purposive sampling. The control is the fifth class primary school student SDN Pajaiyang.

Result: The study yields media of nutrition simulation for improves knowledge and attitude on primary school student. Theres four medias of nutrition simulation are foods useful three pocket,  kinds of local snacks pocket, nutrition snacks pocket and health snacks selection pocket. The student knowledge well level in samples first 7,5 % increased to 80% on end nutrition simulation. The knowledge well level in control first 15,0% incresed to 67,5 % on end activity. The attitude well level in samples first 47,5 % increased to 67,5 % on end activity. The attitude well level in control first 52,5 % increased to 85,0 % on end activity.

Conclusions: The nutrition simulation effect significants improves both knowledge dan attitude of snacks selection on primary school student.  Finally, the study can try on  secondary school student and high school student for one thousand  of day first life.

Keywords: Stimulation, Snack

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