Lydia Fanny1, Iin Octavia2, Nursalim2, Asmarudin Pakhri2

1Jurusan Gizi, Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes, Makassar

2Alumni Jurusan Gizi, Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes, Makassar



Background: KADARZI is a family that has been practicing good nutrition behavior and correct according to the rules of nutrition, can recognize nutritional problems that exist in the family, is able to identify the potential of the family / environment, and be able to conduct a follow-up to address the nutritional problems that exist based on their potential.

Objective: This study aims to determine of the level of knowledge of mothers about nutrition conscious family (KADARZI) in the Village District of Bontoa Pajjukukang Maros.

Methods: This research is descriptive. Samples were children under the age of 6-24 months in the Village District of Bontoa Pajjukukang Maros as many as 33 people were selected by purposive sampling. Data on knowledge about nutrition conscious family (KADARZI) were collected using interviews with the respondents (maternal samples) with a questionnaire and a test using the iodine content of salt iodine test.


Results: The results showed that the picture of the mother’s knowledge about weighing less by 16 respondents (48.5%) and 17 respondents (51.5%) classified as good. Knowledge on exclusive breastfeeding mothers were less by 25 respondents (75.8%) and 8 respondents (24.2%) classified as good. For mother’s knowledge about foods that are less diverse as many as 24 respondents (72.7%) and 9 respondents (27.2%) either. Mother’s knowledge about iodized salt which is less by 29 respondents (87.9%) and 4 respondents (12.1%) either. And the mother’s knowledge about vitamin A supplementation were less by 28 respondents (84.8%) and 5 respondents (15.2%) either.

Conclusion: The conclusion of this research is the knowledge of mothers regarding the weighing is generally quite good, knowledge about exclusive breastfeeding mothers, varied food, iodized salt and KVA are generally lacking.


Suggestion: It is suggested to provide information about nutrition conscious family (KADARZI), either directly or indirectly from the relevant officers.

Keywords: Knowledge, KADARZI

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